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Thank you.

On Aug 27, 2013, at 8:20 AM, Phil Hibbs wrote:

> This does raise the interesting question of what happens when illuminates have children.

The primary point was to see if anyone thought this was an "interesting question". No one seems to think cross-cult marriages is interesting, though. That was what I actually thought might generate interest, although most combinations would be disastrous for offspring without Illumination. 

> So if these parents did bring the child up with an illuminated world-view, and that took hold, then the child could in theory study multiple traditions.

The rules discussions seem to emphasize an "atheistic" point-of-view for Illuminates, I see it more likely pragmatic, i.e., "the gods exist and grant great blessings, but I can do it myself, too".

> And the parents could just teach him the "good stuff" and ignore all the community responsibility side of it.

Wasn't looking for this, but good point. I had just seen it as "I don't have to, but I'll do it anyway, at least for appearances. When I can." After all an Issaries priest is expected to adventure, er, trade, and a Daka Fal shaman is not required to have a congregation (Blueface again); viola, instant freedom.

> So I don't see any rules or game-world reasons why this couldn't happen, but it is egregious munchkinism and I wouldn't allow it unless I trusted the player enough that they had an interesting direction to take it in.

I must admit that this project got started because I lack close friends, am in a horrible marriage that I can't get out of yet, and had time to do something with. I have only actually played about 4 RQ sessions. Yes, that's sessions, not campaigns. I suspect that I would play him badly, just not enough experience, but its been fun going through every scenario I could get and running it solo. 

He always wins, that was the point. (seventh son of a seventh son born under a caul, eh?)

> Phil.
> Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?

Sorry, no, I love the sig.

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