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Wed Aug 28 00:20:39 EST 2013

This does raise the interesting question of what happens when illuminates
have children. Clearly there's no "genetic" component, the child would be
born normal and would only become illuminated through the normal routes,
but do illuminated parents typically bring their child up to be
illuminated? Or might they tend to regard it as something that their child
should find on their own ("If you follow me, you will not find what I
found")? Each individual circumstance will of course be different, there's
no "illuminates all think like this" rule. So if these parents did bring
the child up with an illuminated world-view, and that took hold, then the
child could in theory study multiple traditions. And the parents could just
teach him the "good stuff" and ignore all the community responsibility side
of it. So I don't see any rules or game-world reasons why this couldn't
happen, but it is egregious munchkinism and I wouldn't allow it unless I
trusted the player enough that they had an interesting direction to take it

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