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Craig Simons craigms at q.com
Mon Aug 26 04:29:54 EST 2013

To test ideas, I like to stretch limits. So, consider a situation that is seldom in any RQ publication: parents from different backgrounds. A strong candidate would be a non-inheriting son from the union of an Issaries priest and a Daka Fal shaman. Oh, both Illuminated. Granted, there could be great persecution against such a couple, but less so if the Illumination is hidden and both cults are generally respected. Or they live in Lunarland.

The adventurer would grow up with large parts of all three disciplines, if not everything: he will not inherit, so he gets trained for a life on his own. He sees the differences between the disciplines and starts dabbling in sorcery, perhaps with parental guidance, and learns some basics on his own.

 So, at an early age (perhaps 15-ish), he "simultaneously" becomes Illuminated, an Issaries priest, a Daka Fal shaman and a Sorcerer.

Given all that, your thoughts please?


Craig Simons
craigms at q.com

Don't you ever miss the days when you used to be nostalgic? 
Steven Brust, Dzur

PS. Oh, he was a "seventh son of a seventh son born under a caul". He is ALWAYS lucky - whatever that means.

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