[Runequest] RQ Magic System Flaw

Dale Long dtl at internode.on.net
Sat Aug 24 14:04:50 EST 2013

On 24/08/2013 1:04 PM, Craig Simons wrote:
> He is a human "Hunter/Brother-Dog Shaman-Priest". He has a fetch and 3 
> familiars; familiars described as "bound spirit in hawk familiar", 
> "bound spirit in fighting dog familiar" and "bound spirit in cat 
> familiar". (Quotes from Griffin Mountain).

Griffin Mountain was created based on the original RQ2 rules. Having 
bound spirits a fetch and allied spirit were a common thing.
Depending on the background (especially when the spirit rune is 
involved), some priests were also a shaman (and required to be).

The hard split between spirit, divine and sorcery is an artificial one, 
which became more emphasized in later material such as RQ3. Although 
sorcery (objective) did conflict the with the spirit/divine (subjective) 
side, and so in most cases a character could not have a fetch and 
practice sorcery.

Have a read of the original RQ2 and Cults of Prax (or the RQ2 specific 
entries in Cults Compendium).

Glorantha isn't (or wasn't) such a simplistic split.


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