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More on Blueface as an example of extremes:

He is a human "Hunter/Brother-Dog Shaman-Priest". He has a fetch and 3 familiars; familiars described as "bound spirit in hawk familiar", "bound spirit in fighting dog familiar" and "bound spirit in cat familiar". (Quotes from Griffin Mountain).

I have more to question concerning familiars (bound spirit in animals), but that's a forth-coming discussion after this one is clarified. For now, just assume that there is a way to have allied spirits, a fetch and familiars. Besides, being a shaman and a sorcerer at the same time is not against the rules, just unlikely. One could also be a priest and/or rune lord, too: Illumination appears to unlock everything under some circumstances. Another topic for an upcoming discussion.


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PS - Blueface is not the only example of extremes, just a good one for this thread.
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