[Runequest] Getting to the point.

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Aug 11 16:28:51 EST 2013

Steve Perrin wrote:
> Boy does this sound familiar. Fifty years ago I was watching the same
> discussion in the pages of AMRA, the preeminent Conan/REH fanzine of the
> time.
> he advantages of the spear are obvious and have, at this point, been
> repeated several times.

Agree with Steve. As I recall from my school history lessons Shaka by
introducing the ikilwa pretty much did to his opponents what the Romans
dud roughly two millennia before. Where the Macedonian phalanx and long
spear ruled by coming in close, breaking the phalanx and engaging in a one
on one battle where ones gladius (or ikilwa in a different time and place)
could get under or around the spearmans shield.

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