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On Sun, August 11, 2013 9:03 am, Steve Perrin wrote:
> In short, spears have their advantages but mostly when massed, so there
> is a hedgehog of points for the foe to negotiate. For man-to-man and
> fast maneuvering, you want a sword. That's why it is the superior
> adventurer weapon.

Pretty much everything Steve said and more.

The major advantage of a sword, and especially a sword and shield
combination, is flexibility.

A spear is really about keeping an opponent at an optimal range, which is
usually a fairly wide area. If the sword-wielder gets within that range or
the contest within a more confined space, the spearman has an dagger on an
end of a stick, and in the stick-dagger versus sword conflict, the results
should be clear. Sure, if they're really good they might start using it in
staff mode, but even staff versus sword gives benefits for the latter.

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