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Spears' advantages are many:
-reach...in the real world, it's not just abstract hit points, it's pain
and death.  The idea of inflicting that at a distance is powerfully
-simplicity...yes, I believe that training a spear is probably more
intuitive and simpler than a sword.  Further, it's probably with mentioning
too that the spear it's a much more natural, instinctive thing: poking a
stick at something to keep it further away from you seems to be more
reactive than the sort aggressive, deliberate step-into-combat method that
would be required to deploy a sword.
-cost: most important, whether you are a king outfitting an army, or a
cottar wanting something better than a stick to protect your family, a
spear can be as cheap as a sharpened stick; at most, even a good spear is
short work for a simple Smith. Spears are expensive in materials and
manufacturing time.

On Aug 10, 2013 9:32 AM, "Asher Royce Yaffee" <ashersensei at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, All,
>    Yes, the subject line is, indeed, a rather dull pun.  Nyuk nyuk.
>  Anyways,...
>    I was wondering about spears.  At an RPG session the other night, some
> fellow spoke glowingly in praise of spears, and I thought to myself, if
> spears are so great, why swords?  (I mean, aside from the social aspect of
> doing one's shopping with a sword sticking out from the hip instead of a
> spear poking into almost everything.)
>    Am I right in assuming that spears have greater reach than swords?
>    Did I hear correctly that spear training is easier than sword training?
>    Why do I feel more confident about defending myself when I pick up a
> sword than when I pick up a spear?
>    Obviously, our hard-fighting ancestors considered swords to be a good
> choice for war.  How would they have answered the question.
>    Any other thoughts or insights along the sword versus spear line?
>    Any and all answers are warmly welcome.
>    If I may switch from the comparative to the pointless, here is another
> question:  What are the stats for the bayonet?
>    For both RQ3 (which I grok) and RQ6 (which I now run), what would be
> the stats for a fixed (mounted, or whatever the term is) bayonet in melee
> combat?
>    I'd like to consider the muskets of the American Revolutionary War and
> US Civil War, but also the 20th century musket (of rather harder steel, I
> imagine).  Reach, damage, armor points, encumberance, etc.  A table
> somewhat like this:
> MUSKET             RQ3 stats                  RQ6 stats
> 1776-1865
> 20th C.
>    If anyone knows where these stats are to be found, or knows what they
> should be, your advice would be warmly welcome.
>    Well, I should go, as the kids (aka the players) will soon be up &
> about.
>    Sincerely,
> Asher
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