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Hi, All,
   Yes, the subject line is, indeed, a rather dull pun.  Nyuk nyuk.
   I was wondering about spears.  At an RPG session the other night, some
fellow spoke glowingly in praise of spears, and I thought to myself, if
spears are so great, why swords?  (I mean, aside from the social aspect of
doing one's shopping with a sword sticking out from the hip instead of a
spear poking into almost everything.)
   Am I right in assuming that spears have greater reach than swords?
   Did I hear correctly that spear training is easier than sword training?
   Why do I feel more confident about defending myself when I pick up a
sword than when I pick up a spear?
   Obviously, our hard-fighting ancestors considered swords to be a good
choice for war.  How would they have answered the question.
   Any other thoughts or insights along the sword versus spear line?
   Any and all answers are warmly welcome.

   If I may switch from the comparative to the pointless, here is another
question:  What are the stats for the bayonet?
   For both RQ3 (which I grok) and RQ6 (which I now run), what would be the
stats for a fixed (mounted, or whatever the term is) bayonet in melee
   I'd like to consider the muskets of the American Revolutionary War and
US Civil War, but also the 20th century musket (of rather harder steel, I
imagine).  Reach, damage, armor points, encumberance, etc.  A table
somewhat like this:

MUSKET             RQ3 stats                  RQ6 stats


20th C.

   If anyone knows where these stats are to be found, or knows what they
should be, your advice would be warmly welcome.
   Well, I should go, as the kids (aka the players) will soon be up & about.
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