[Runequest] RQ3: Manticore vs Wyvern.. FIGHT!

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Sat Aug 3 10:30:50 EST 2013

I'm looking at the cover of the Games Workshop edition of RuneQuest
monsters with that impressive picture of the Manticore versus the Wyvern,
(because that's how I like to spend my Saturday mornings), and thought "my
goodness that looks like a jolly close battle", which is exactly what the
artist intended.

Alas, it seems when looking at the statistics in the same volume it does
not seem to be the case, at least not initially. True are of the same STR,
INT, and POW, but the Wyvern wins out in terms of CON (if only by 3
point), SIZ (by 5 points), and DEX (by 3 points). The Wyvern has three
points more armour on its locations (7 versus 4), hit points (25 vs 21),
and even Fatigue.

In the Manticore's favour is Movement (6 vs 2/8), but that's not going to
matter much because they're locked in a deadly embrace. Which is bad for
the Manticore because the Wyvern has a high chance to hit with its bite
and sting (48% and 68%) versus the Manticore's claw and sting (35% and
35%), and it does more damage (1d10+3d6 and 1d6+3d6) versus (1d6+2d6 and

The Manticore also has the advantage of actually having a stinger that has
poison, unlike the Wyvern, so the extra 16 POT may tip the balance.

Also, the Wyvern can't dodge! Slow moving on the ground, the
dragon-relative has completely neglected to pick up this skill, wrongly
assuming that if it needs to it can simply fly away. Instead, it has to
take each and every hit on the chin, as it were. The Manticore, being a
sensible and active beast of prey, has this ability at 33%.

Still, clearly things are not looking good for the Manticore.

But then I noticed that the Manticore doesn't have a listed attack chance
for bite, when clearly, according to the picture, it is. Obviously the
Manticore is cheating (at least according to the rules)! The quick
solution is to say that the Manticore's bite is like that of a lion, which
still is less than the Wyvern's bite, but much better than a claw

Well played, Manticore.


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