[Runequest] Status of RQ and Glorantha

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Apr 17 22:28:23 EST 2013

Lawrence Whitaker wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Yes, RQ is now at The Design Mechanism. We have our first supplement
> already released - 'Book of Quests' is a scenario collection available
> immediately in PDF and will be on sale in print copy in about 10 days.
> We're following this up with 'Monster Island', a sandbox setting, in June,
> and later this year should also see 'Mythic Greece', 'Mythic Briton' and
> 'Shores of Korantia' released, so we have a lot in the pipeline.
> I think a history of RQ article would be great. I can definitely help-out
> on some of that, especially the Mongoose years, as I was the line
> developer
> during most of that time.

Thanks Lawrence. Yes I saw your name on much of the free modules etc in
Signs & Portents. Actually great news re the new stuff as I have been
slowly aligning my disposable income to pick up RQ6 so waiting a few more
weeks and getting extra will be worthwhile from a posting to the other
side of the world perspective.

What I will do is write up something and post it here. At same time I will
write to Gygax mag and mention the concept and see if they keen. If so and
based on whatever editing is done here - best case it will see publication
and contributors names and exposure for RQ. Worse case it doesn't get
published but we still have a fun excercise.

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