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Kickstarter is what they call a 'crowd-funding' platform. A project is
set-up with a funding goal, and backers are invited to pledge varying
amounts to help the project owner meet the funding goal. The project owner
offers certain special rewards to those who make pledges of certain levels.
If the goal is fully funded in an allotted time (usually 30 days), then the
backers pay their pledge.

Kickstarters can exceed their funding goal - and many do. The Guide to
Glorantha Kickstarter managed $250,000 over its 30-day funding period. As a
funding goal is exceeded, project owners typically introduce 'stretch
goals', which are added project components designed to take advantage of
the additional funds being pledged. The Guide Kickstarter offered greater
written material, more maps, more art, and different formats for the maps,
as the funds accumulated.

Kickstarter is available in the US and UK and will probably extend to other
countries. There are a couple of other crowd-funding sites too: Indiegogo
and Rockethub, for instance. They all work in roughly the same way.

On 17 April 2013 08:20, Tony Den <postmaster at runequest.za.org> wrote:

> Steve Perrin wrote:
> > There is in fact a monumental guide to Glorantha just being completed by
> > Rick Meintz with cooperation from Greg and others. It was a Kickstarter
> > project and also includes maps and several stretch goals I did not
> > invest in. Should be out in a couple of months, if I remember the last
> > update correctly.
> <Snip>
> Thanks Steve. I have heard of this kickstarter on Black Gate Magazine's
> page (they even reviewed the new Pavis box). Being a non US bloke I am
> still not quite sure what kickstarter means or does. Tried to look it up
> but it was a bit confusing and I was too busy to figure out.
> But back to reality - what's your take on a little nostalgic article for
> the magazine (assuming they even look at it)?
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