[Runequest] Status of RQ and Glorantha

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Apr 17 22:20:00 EST 2013

Steve Perrin wrote:
> There is in fact a monumental guide to Glorantha just being completed by
> Rick Meintz with cooperation from Greg and others. It was a Kickstarter
> project and also includes maps and several stretch goals I did not
> invest in. Should be out in a couple of months, if I remember the last
> update correctly.

Thanks Steve. I have heard of this kickstarter on Black Gate Magazine's
page (they even reviewed the new Pavis box). Being a non US bloke I am
still not quite sure what kickstarter means or does. Tried to look it up
but it was a bit confusing and I was too busy to figure out.

But back to reality - what's your take on a little nostalgic article for
the magazine (assuming they even look at it)?

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