[Runequest] Status of RQ and Glorantha

Steve Perrin steve.perrin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 18:05:09 EST 2013

There is in fact a monumental guide to Glorantha just being completed by 
Rick Meintz with cooperation from Greg and others. It was a Kickstarter 
project and also includes maps and several stretch goals I did not 
invest in. Should be out in a couple of months, if I remember the last 
update correctly.

Steve Perrin

On 4/16/2013 10:40 PM, Tony Den wrote:
> Just wondering. What's current status of RQ and Glorantha. RQ is now at
> The Design Mechanism who to my knowlege have only the main rulebook for
> sale so far. Apparently its compatible with MRQII. Glorantha now at Moon
> Designs.
> But there has been so much new material over the past few years its
> getting a bit confusing to know what's out there. I wonder if there is
> perhaps a new Meints Guide to Glorantha in the offing?
> On the RQ side I was considering writing a short history RQ Then and Now
> type article for the new Gygax magazine. Issue #1 seemed to be on a bit of
> a nostalga trip so maybe the wave should be ridden a bit. That said it
> would be great to have my facts right. We "all" know the history or if not
> can obtain it from various sites (like Petes RQ) but the latest stuff
> which is the most relevant perhaps to newcomers is a little shakey
> sometimes. Per example MRQI - I am still not 100% on the full list of
> official cannon stuff, let alone second tier publishers like Scepatune
> (SP) games.
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