[Runequest] Status of RQ and Glorantha

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Apr 17 15:40:41 EST 2013

Just wondering. What's current status of RQ and Glorantha. RQ is now at
The Design Mechanism who to my knowlege have only the main rulebook for
sale so far. Apparently its compatible with MRQII. Glorantha now at Moon

But there has been so much new material over the past few years its
getting a bit confusing to know what's out there. I wonder if there is
perhaps a new Meints Guide to Glorantha in the offing?

On the RQ side I was considering writing a short history RQ Then and Now
type article for the new Gygax magazine. Issue #1 seemed to be on a bit of
a nostalga trip so maybe the wave should be ridden a bit. That said it
would be great to have my facts right. We "all" know the history or if not
can obtain it from various sites (like Petes RQ) but the latest stuff
which is the most relevant perhaps to newcomers is a little shakey
sometimes. Per example MRQI - I am still not 100% on the full list of
official cannon stuff, let alone second tier publishers like Scepatune
(SP) games.

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