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Actually, most war gear lasts a good long time if properly maintained 
(see below). Swords are handed down from father to son because they 
last. Mostly you replace gear because (1) you've acquired better 
(perhaps off the body of a defeated foe) or (2) it has been broken or 
lost in combat or other misadventure. This is iron or steel weaponry, of 
course. Bronze weapons were very brittle. They kept a great edge but 
they broke pretty much every battle.
And armor, if not maintained properly, might rot off your body. It's all 
kept together by leather straps, and those need maintaining.
But if you maintain your gear and keep it from rotting or rusting, it 
will pretty much last forever. That's why soldiers are trained in 
maintaining their gear. These days, plastic and composite gear may well 
have a shelf life, and ammunition certainly does, but back in the Iron 
Age, arms and armor were built to last, even for the scrubs in the front 
Of course, if you load your conscripts with more gear than they want to 
carry, it will get lost (read dropped by the side of the road) and may 
need to be replaced. This was the case with the later legions of Rome. 
You could see where the legion had gone by the trail of dropped off 
helmets and inconvenient pieces of armor, and sometimes their weapons.

Steve Perrin

On 4/10/2013 6:06 PM, Gary Sturgess wrote:
> To add a further question - how often do weapons and armour need to be 
> replaced? One thing virtually all RPGs do is assume that equipment 
> pretty much lasts forever - a reasonable abstraction for the PCs, but 
> I've found it frustrating once they start raising armies and the like 
> (ie I don't mind so much if Ye Olde Adventurers have equipment that 
> never needs replacing, but when every Johnny Soldier has the same 
> advantage it starts to break my suspension of disbelief).
> On 11 April 2013 08:01, Steve Perrin <steve.perrin at gmail.com 
> <mailto:steve.perrin at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Maintaining equipment is an important routine. That's why knights
>     had squires.
>     Seriously, at the very least your blades should be sharpened and
>     perhaps oiled, your armor should be shaken out and bits and pieces
>     straightened out and straps checked, and your shield checked to
>     make sure the strapping is intact. Particularly urgent if you've
>     been fighting all day, ignorable if nothing much has happened for
>     a few days, but not so much as a week.
>     A good workman maintains his tools.
>     Steve Perrin
>     On 4/10/2013 4:33 PM, Asher Royce Yaffee wrote:
>>     Hi, All,
>>        I was wondering about bladed weapons and usage and sharpness.
>>      If a blade gets used regularly, how often should one sharpen it?
>>        I guess another way to put it is...
>>     A)  Before modern steel, how often would most civilians normally
>>     sharpen their blades?
>>     B)  To maintain full weapon damage, how often should a fighting
>>     adventurer sharpen his or her blades?  (Assume that every gaming
>>     session has a fight.)
>>     C)  Beyond simply hours of usage, what other factors make a
>>     difference?  For example, if Sir Gawain fights armored foes while
>>     brave Sir Robin fights unarmored foes, will Sir Robin's sword
>>     keep its edge noticeably longer?
>>     D)  I guess this leads to other maintenance questions.  Anything
>>     come to mind as worth pointing out?  Maybe oiling the blade?
>>        Any and all answers are warmly welcome.
>>        Sincerely,
>>     Asher
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