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Hi, All,
   A life lesson I've taken to heart is that it is better to get along than
it is to be right -- with co-workers, with wife, and with fellow gamers.
 I've already offered my thoughts on the matter, and would only add one
   Styopa kindly included the following URL:


   That site correctly models the situation in a man-made space
station.  If you drop the balls over and over again and study their
motion, you will observe that a ball's outward speed from the center
(i.e., towards the floor) does not increase as it falls.

   Thanks for the interesting topic.  I enjoyed it.

P.S.  You will also notice that balls dropped from near the center of
the station follow a long curving path.  This will be a non-issue in
the case of something as vast as the Ringworld.  On the Ringworld, the
horizontal velocity difference between the rim and the floor is
trivial.  But if you've seen Babylon 5 or Gundam, then you've seen a
space habitat where the horizontal velocity difference would be like
in website's simulation.  (I know, I promised only one observation,
but I couldn't help myself.)
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