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Ringworld is based on Larry Niven's book of the same name. I came to 
know him fairly well back in the days when we both going to Cons & to 
English Regency Dancing events. He always struck me as very stringent in 
using his science in books. I remember an occasion of him discussing the 
physics of it & also mentioning that it was based on the work of Dyson 
(of the "Dyson Sphere concept"). So I suspect that he is probably 
correct in his assumptions to make the concept work. Perhaps someone who 
is more versed in these things can shed some light on this.


On 4/6/2013 12:42 PM, Simon Phipp wrote:
> Much as I liked RungWorld as a rules set, some of it was a little 
> far-fetched, even as Space Opera.
> Having atmosphere 500 miles up? According to Wikipedia, the 
> stratosphere has a pressure of 1/1000th Atmosphere and stretches to 
> around 32 miles, the mesosphere extend to about 53 miles, and the 
> Thermosphere above that extends to around 240 miles and contains 
> satellites and the International Space Station. Also, atmosphere boils 
> away into space unless protected by having gravity. Something that 
> generates a gravity effect through rotation would, I assume, 
> continually throw its atmosphere away quite quickly.
> I am sure there is an explanation for this, as with any futuristic 
> invention.
> As for the Ironclad Great Troll Paratrooper, he could jump out at 
> altitude, freefall happily until it was time to open his parachute 
> then, gulp, things might go a bit wrong.
> Simon
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