[Runequest] Fact check

Simon Phipp soltakss at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 05:42:01 EST 2013

Much as I liked RungWorld as a rules set, some of it was a little far-fetched, even as Space Opera.

Having atmosphere 500 miles up? According to Wikipedia, the stratosphere has a pressure of 1/1000th Atmosphere and stretches to around 32 miles, the mesosphere extend to about 53 miles, and the Thermosphere above that extends to around 240 miles and contains satellites and the International Space Station. Also, atmosphere boils away into space unless protected by having gravity. Something that generates a gravity effect through rotation would, I assume, continually throw its atmosphere away quite quickly.

I am sure there is an explanation for this, as with any futuristic invention.

As for the Ironclad Great Troll Paratrooper, he could jump out at altitude, freefall happily until it was time to open his parachute then, gulp, things might go a bit wrong.

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