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I've used INT for a long time as a sort of "mental strike rank" for when
people want to change their actions in a round (delay is 1d6+INT SR,
As far as Hellions, I have NOT required them to overcome a resistance roll,
and treated them like supremely annoying mosquitoes that can't kill, but
can exhaust which can be deadly in the right circumstances.

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:25 PM, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just realized that hellions don't have POW! Which implies, possibly,
> that they don't regenerate magic points. What are they, mercury vampires?
> That doesn't work for me!
> It also occurs to me that unless they have deadly spells, hellions CAN'T
> KILL. Their drain attack is non-lethal, in fact effectively non-damaging.
> Which makes requiring an overcome roll all the more unbalanced.
> Personally I'm going to rule that A) no overcome roll is needed for the
> drain attack, and B) hellions have the POW characteristic (3d6+6) and
> regenerate MPs at the normal rate. They cannot draw on stored MPs for their
> natural attack, although they CAN use stored MPs for spells of course. If
> they are familiars they can, at their master's option, draw on the personal
> (NOT stored) MPs of their master for their drain attack.
> I like the idea of using INT to determine the SR of a spirit's attack. If
> a spirit lacks INT, though...perhaps POW would do as a substitute.
> On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 3:07 AM, Marko Perälä <perala at student.uef.fi>wrote:
>> Here's an RQ3 question: When a magic spirit casts a spell (spirit or
>> sorcery) - let's say Protection 4, for sake of argument - at what SR does
>> the spell goes of? Divine spells activate at SR 1, but according to Deluxe
>> rulebook other kinds of spells the SR is determined by formula: DEX SR +
>> Spell's magic points. However, the scale ends at DEX 1, there's no value
>> for DEX 0 or N/A. A magic spirit (or a ghost or a wraith or a hellion etc.)
>> does not have DEX. Does that mean the DEX SR component is ignored and SR is
>> just spell's MPs or does the spirit start casting at the end of melee round
>> and completes on the next one?
>> A corollary to this is a magic spirit in an enchantment that the owner
>> orders to cast a spell. How much extra time does it take for the spirit to
>> actually start casting the spell? Maybe at the beginning of the next melee
>> round or perhaps immediately after receiving the order?
>> A second corollary to this is casting a second spell in a melee round
>> e.g. first Light(1) and then Speedart(1). Can a magic spirit do that or
>> would it have wait to the next melee round? Again magic spirit does not
>> have DEX, so it doesn't have have a DEX SR. A second spell cast in a melee
>> round follows 3 SR after the first and requires it's own SR's. If DEX SR
>> was ignored then that would mean SR 1 (Light(1)) / 5 (Speedart(1)).
>> How would you handle/have you handled this issue?
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