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I just realized that hellions don't have POW! Which implies, possibly, that
they don't regenerate magic points. What are they, mercury vampires? That
doesn't work for me!

It also occurs to me that unless they have deadly spells, hellions CAN'T
KILL. Their drain attack is non-lethal, in fact effectively non-damaging.
Which makes requiring an overcome roll all the more unbalanced.

Personally I'm going to rule that A) no overcome roll is needed for the
drain attack, and B) hellions have the POW characteristic (3d6+6) and
regenerate MPs at the normal rate. They cannot draw on stored MPs for their
natural attack, although they CAN use stored MPs for spells of course. If
they are familiars they can, at their master's option, draw on the personal
(NOT stored) MPs of their master for their drain attack.

I like the idea of using INT to determine the SR of a spirit's attack. If a
spirit lacks INT, though...perhaps POW would do as a substitute.

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 3:07 AM, Marko Perälä <perala at student.uef.fi> wrote:

> Here's an RQ3 question: When a magic spirit casts a spell (spirit or
> sorcery) - let's say Protection 4, for sake of argument - at what SR does
> the spell goes of? Divine spells activate at SR 1, but according to Deluxe
> rulebook other kinds of spells the SR is determined by formula: DEX SR +
> Spell's magic points. However, the scale ends at DEX 1, there's no value
> for DEX 0 or N/A. A magic spirit (or a ghost or a wraith or a hellion etc.)
> does not have DEX. Does that mean the DEX SR component is ignored and SR is
> just spell's MPs or does the spirit start casting at the end of melee round
> and completes on the next one?
> A corollary to this is a magic spirit in an enchantment that the owner
> orders to cast a spell. How much extra time does it take for the spirit to
> actually start casting the spell? Maybe at the beginning of the next melee
> round or perhaps immediately after receiving the order?
> A second corollary to this is casting a second spell in a melee round e.g.
> first Light(1) and then Speedart(1). Can a magic spirit do that or would it
> have wait to the next melee round? Again magic spirit does not have DEX, so
> it doesn't have have a DEX SR. A second spell cast in a melee round follows
> 3 SR after the first and requires it's own SR's. If DEX SR was ignored then
> that would mean SR 1 (Light(1)) / 5 (Speedart(1)).
> How would you handle/have you handled this issue?
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