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Hi Pete,

Sorry to hear about the rules lawyering, that certainly can be draining from a GM perspective.

To answer your question about Hellions, I've used them in the past, and find them to be deliciously creepy.  I always thought their description in the rules to be quite straightforward, they drain d10 fatigue on SR 1, and there isn't much you can do about it.  I tend to use that attack in conjunction with some illusion, demoralize, or fear spell to confuse, frighten, exhaust, and demoralize.

I don't really use them in direct combat. Their (initially) ridiculously high armor points make them difficult to harm with anything other than a spell, but they don't too last long, anyway.  Once the party figures out what I'm doing, someone launches a strong area effect spell and knocks them down enough that they can be taken out.

Your players may see Hellions as slightly overbalanced (and they could be if they were outfitted with strong sorcery magic that prevented spells from harming them).  But honestly, I just used them as creepy little hazers, and have never had anyone get too upset about their ability to fatigue them without some kind of roll required.  If it's all part of the story, it's all good.


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> I had a difficult session today, with so much rules-lawyering that I felt as if I were playing D&D. I'm going to have to make some tough decisions, and I know that it's ultimately up to me, but there are two points I'd love to get feedback on. By the way, this campaign is based on the classic RQIII system; it's multi-genre and multi-world.
> Problem #1: Hellions. According to the rules, their natural energy drain attack takes place on SR1 and hits automatically. There's nothing in the description that says that an overcome roll or resistance roll is involved; they expend their MP, and the target loses 1d10 points of Fatigue per MP expended.
> I'm getting a lot of rules-lawyering, arguments that there should be a resistance roll because the sorcery Drain spell was mentioned in the Hellion write-up (something like "they can learn sorcery spells, but don't learn Drain for obvious reasons"). The effect is a natural one, does not take time to cast the way that the Drain spell does, and does 1d10 rather than 1d6 points of drain. If you've handled hellions in the past, how have you dealt with their attacks?
> I also had to deal with the whole issue of overcoming and resistance. Is it MP vs. MP, or POW vs. POW? I feel stupid asking this, since I've been playing the system for so many years, but this became a huge point of contention - and the rules weren't clear. I suspect that it's MP vs. MP.
> In any case, these are basically side-issues. I'll have to deal with the more substantive issues of inter-group dynamics on my own, I fear.
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