[Runequest] Sorcerous vampire vs. Vivamort vampire

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Sat Sep 22 18:01:23 EST 2012

RQ3/Glorantha question about vampires. I happened to notice that there seems to be differences between several vampires in various books versus the writeup in the creatures book.

1. Vivamort cult information and that ancient vampire in Sun County-book suggest that a Vivamort vampire can steal Rune magic. This is however not mentioned in creatures book about vampires.

2. Several sources on Vivamorti claim that they are chaotic creatures, but vampires in Creatures-book are described only as undead - not as chaotics.

3. Old Vivamort cult writeup mentions several additional weaknesses vampires have that don't exist in Creatures book (Styx curse, Dendara's curse).

Given these differences it got me wondering. Are these differences due to RQ creatures being generalised versions that had to be modified to be suitable for Non-Gloranthan worlds and vampires as written don't exist in Glorantha or are the vampires in Creatures-book the kind of vampire created with sorcery spell Create vampire?

I personally lean towards the latter option - like there's a difference between Creatures-book zombies and Zorak Zoran's INT 0 zombies, but that's just my personal estimate. Does anyone have more solid information on this?

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