[Runequest] Literate Neolithics?

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Thu Sep 20 05:43:58 EST 2012

Sory i read it in hard copy, but it was a while back so i cannot speak
with utter truth. It could be there was just low sea that allowed certain
africanised creaures to spread to a point but then deep sea trench
prevented further spread, ence the different evolutionary trees of
marsupials vs african type animals. Like you get elephants and
rinocerouses all the way to java/smatra and not further. (Or got oput it
that way seems the rinos are fast nearing extinction to make magic potions
for certain asian communities).

The article was about another guy (not Darwins) evelotionary theories and
how recently some people are starting to say he was probarbly closer to
the mark than darwin.

lev at rpgreview.net wrote:
>> There was a national geographic article about this. A land bridge to
>> australia due to low ocean levels from ice age. Also explains the
>> different evolution of Australia insofar a deep sea trench stopped
>> africanised type colonisation. (Elephants etc). Cant remember much of
>> article, but for sure made good reading at the time.
> Could you give a URL for that? Because my understanding is that strait
> between Bali and Lombok was never a land bridge. Certainly PNG and
> Australia were connected, but it's getting to PNG that's the issue.
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