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So, SIZ range for Centaurs is exactly twice as big as human range.
A simple rule of thumb would be to use half the Centaur SIZ.

The problem here is that 4D6 distribution is very different from 2D6...
A simple solution that takes this problem into account is to do 2 separate rolls when creating an centaur (or any other hybrid creature, assuming the human part has human proportions...) :

-2D6+6 to get "equivalent human SIZ", which is the SIZ the creature would have if it had legs (or human torso).
-2D6+6 to add a "Centaur template" to the creature.

For instance, if I roll 15 and 11, my total SIZ will be 26, but my torso will look like the one of a SIZ 15 man.

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Objet : Re: [Runequest] RQ3 - Centaur armor
> I would use the following ruling here :
> -A medium-sized centaur can use the armor of medium-sized human (11-15).
> -A short centaur can use the armor of short human (6-10).
> -A big centaur can use the armor of big human (16-20).

Exactly correct. In cases even remotely like this a proportional scale.

FWIW, Centaur SIZ is 4d6+12. So that gives an average of 28, a minimum of
16 and a maximum of 48. So maybe 16-24, 25-31, and 32-48?
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