[Runequest] Literate Neolithics?

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Sep 10 05:59:47 EST 2012

Mark Ahnen wrote:
> Apologies if this was covered already, but there is a group in Africa
> where supposedly people can speak a verbal message while an 'expert' ties
> knots on a cord...then when the cord is  unwound by another 'expert' in
> another area, the 'expert' speaks the message both accurately and
> verbatim.  Hey, it's legend...but possibly appropriate for a neolithic
> setting.

Very interesting. Like a manual fax:)
Must say even if its just a legend, it would be a nice idea for some role
playing. The kinds messenger who cant read the message so to speak. Party
somehow obtains the message but needs to find someone who can decipher it,

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