[Runequest] RQ3 - protecting another character from attacks

Lawrence Whitaker lawrence.whitaker at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 23:25:12 EST 2012

Here's my take on it.

Parrying an attack meant for another character can be dramatically
important and theatrically spectacular. If it adds to the momentum of
the scene, story or moment, go for it.

A couple of caveats though.

1. Its easier, in theory, to intercede if the incoming attack is being
deliberately prepared rather than forming part of a furious flurry of
blows. So, for instance, character A has been disarmed, villain B
cackles and steadily draws his sword back for the killing blow,
relishing every moment, and hero C leaps forward and parries with his
sword, shield, arm, or what have you. Cue stirring music, gnashing of
teeth and a loud cheer from around the table.

2. The hero providing the help must be close enough to do so. Not side
by side, but able to stretch out, lunge or even dive to make the
parry. If not, he could certainly throw his own shield (within reason)
to hopefully deflect the blow, thus minimising the risk of taking
damage himself.

3. If he personally intercedes, he becomes engaged with the opponent,
which may or may not be a good thing.

In RQ6 all the above requires Action Points; so, the altruistic hero
may be buggered if his intercession means he's out of AP (and his
opponent isn't). I'd also suggest that GMs call for spending a Luck
Point too, to be able to react quickly enough, or cover the requisite
distance (within reason).

But given the dramatic qualities of such altruism, I'd allow it 9
times out of 10.

On 06/09/2012, Mark Ahnen <ahnen at hotmail.com> wrote:
> It isn't 'using' a shield...it is a shield.
>  Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 02:31:15 +0100
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> Subject: Re: [Runequest] RQ3 - protecting another character from attacks
>>A flying shield would not necessarily block the entire force
>>of a given blow.  Physics is physics...inertia is inertia.
> If it's a familiar, then it has a STR stat. If it's strong enough to use a
> shield, it's strong enough to parry with it.
> Phil.
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Will there be time enough and World for me to sing that song?

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