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Oddly enough, that very issue came up a few weeks ago in my RQ campaign.
One of the PCs had taken serious wounds in the leg and arm, and was still
being attacked by a giant poisonous spider. His NPC wife had just finished
off her opponent. I assigned an 80% chance that she would try to parry his
opponent to save him (she loves him), and she made the try.

Unfortunately she missed the parry. I judged that the incoming bite had a
50/50 chance of hitting her or her husband; the dice went against her. Even
worse, the hit location was 10. Since she's five and a half months
pregnant, that means she took the bite directly on the belly.

Now we're all waiting to see what the effect of the venom was on the twins,
if they survive.

One of the best things about RQ is that you don't really need to agonize
over what the rules allow. If it makes sense and maps reasonably to the
real world, the system generally has a way to allow you to easily represent
it. Parry for an ally? Sure! But there are risks, and sometimes a price to
be paid.

As for the flying shield-familiar, I like the idea. A smart opponent would
definitely attack to break the shield, though...and if the standard
familiar-creating rules were used, it would really suck for the sorcerer if
his familiar died.


On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 5:52 AM, Marko Perälä <perala at student.uef.fi> wrote:

> RQ3 question: Can a character parry an attack targeted at someone else
> (assuming he's close enough to reach)?
> Let's say that a character is going to be attacked and cannot or won't
> dodge or parry the attack himself, but an ally is nearby and free to act.
> Can the ally intercept the incoming attack?
> Now that we have established a basic situation, let's move to a more
> specific example. Let's say there is a sorcerer, who has made a familiar
> from e.g. a magic spirit that is bound into a shield and is flying around
> its master using Fly-spell. Could the shield familiar protect it's master
> by parrying attacks targeted at him on his behalf thus allowing him to
> concentrate on spell casting?
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