[Runequest] RQ3 - protecting another character from attacks

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No point in agonising over it, just ask yourself a question: Does the idea of someone being able to protect someone else in this way damage yours or any of your players suspension of disbelief?

If the answer is yes (someone says "I don't believe it") then don't let it happen. If the answer's no (everyone saying "yeah, that's cool/I can see that happening") then let the player try it.

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RQ3 question: Can a character parry an attack targeted at someone else (assuming he's close enough to reach)?
Let's say that a character is going to be attacked and cannot or won't dodge or parry the attack himself, but an ally is nearby and free to act. Can the ally intercept the incoming attack?

Now that we have established a basic situation, let's move to a more specific example. Let's say there is a sorcerer, who has made a familiar from e.g. a magic spirit that is bound into a shield and is flying around its master using Fly-spell. Could the shield familiar protect it's master by parrying attacks targeted at him on his behalf thus allowing him to concentrate on spell casting?

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