[Runequest] Drastically simplifying RuneQuest

Kantor Rythmeiger kantor_rythmeiger at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 04:53:28 EST 2012

I don't have a problem with simplifying RQ, but I think that the change 
to making the GM run everything is both a problem for the player and the GM.
Players like the process of creating, running and tweaking their 
characters. Relieving them of this relieves them of what is a lot of 
fun. It also gives them something to do when the spotlight of game moves 
away from them. For some players, this is the fun, now we might not call 
them roleplayers, but they are as entitled to their fun as anyone.
GMs need to focus on story, plot, player management, talking in silly 
voices. I think we need to reduce the *workload* on the GM. So I 
actually think that delegating game system stuff to the players makes 
sense, I think the GM not rolling dice makes sense.

So feel free but for me this idea moves in the wrong direction.

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