[Runequest] Gloranthan gazetteer ST 1625

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Sat Oct 20 17:29:25 EST 2012

On 14/10/2012, at 6:09 PM, Marko Perälä wrote:

>> Also, RQ6's publishers are not responsible for developing Glorantha's
>> future: that rests with Moon Design Publications, where Jeff Richard, Rick
>> Meints, Greg Stafford and others (myself included) look at how the world
>> will develop beyond the Hero Wars. Greg has ideas about this, and I believe
>> his 'Great Argrath Campaign' is being designed to answer some of these
>> questions. No idea, though, when that will see publication.
> That's rather discouraging. Greg has been obsessing about Sartar vs. lunars for decades, while doing nothing with rest of Glorantha. The Missing Lands-book too decades to put to print. Going all out on Argrath means they are pretty much going to abandon all those parts of Glorantha not directly involved in that war. I personally am sick and tired or orlanthis and lunaris. There's so much other stuff in Glorantha besides them.

	FWIW, one of the Moon Design upcoming projects, Harreksaga, while it certainly overlaps with the Argrath saga, takes place mostly either in Pamaltela or various Islands, so at least gets us out of Dragon Pass, and from the few hints dropped so far includes at least some notable historical events. 
	I'd love to see descriptions of what happens in the East Isles, Ralios, Fronela, Kralorela, Pamaltela. etc - we have interesting suggestions of what might happen, but few indications of the detail. Even Argrathsaga level of detail would be magnificent. 


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