[Runequest] Sartar Daily Life: Stead vs Clan

Trevor Ellis trevor.ellis at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 16 22:24:44 EST 2012

I'm looking to start my first Sartar campaign and am trying to envision the
day-to-day  life.  


Many published Clans consist of a few separate villages or Steads; but it is
the Clan that seems to be the key for much of the worship, politics, wealth,
raids, decision making etc.


To what extent is the daily life centred on the Stead vs the Clan?  How much
daily interaction would there be between Steads? On Orlanth's holy day do
all the clan members travel the few miles to the clan's Orlanth temple
(leaving the Stead unguarded)?  How would a clan raid be arranged?  How
would defence against a raid be coordinated? Would it be a Stead party or a
Clan party who took sheep to the summer pastures? Etc etc.


I've not found any published work that goes into this level of detail, have
I missed something?


Any thoughts would be gratefully received.



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