[Runequest] Drastically simplifying RuneQuest

Phil snarks at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 04:31:17 EST 2012

> The player should not know more than the character.

I disagree.

> >In real life I am familiar with my abilities
> >and limitations .. within broad strokes ..

Whereas in a game, the player is familiar with none of these things.

> >The character is presented a task .. he
> >should roll to analyse .. ask the gm what
> >he sees and what his experience tells him 
> >his chances are .. the player should make 
> >his choice to attempt the task based on
> >the input he is then given by the gm.

Seems like that will slow down the game a lot, and get in the way of a fluid narrative where the player says "I do X" they now have to ask a load of questions about their character before trying anything. Of course this gap will narrow and things will smooth out as the player gets used to the character and the GM.

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