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The player should not know more than the character.

Instead of looking at numbers on the sheet, you ask the gm questions about what you observe and sense, filling in the sensory deprivation you speak of.

Prior to any actual attempt at a skill .. a skill roll should be made to analyse the situation to see how accurately you judge the situation, giving you a good guesstimate at weather the goal is within your range.

In real life I am familiar with my abilities and limitations .. within broad strokes .. when given a task to accomplish .. my first step is to analyse the task .. have I done this before successfully? Do I have all the required tools? The necessary time? Can it be broken into smaller pieces? Do I have access to research material, for unfamiliar aspects of the task?

The character is presented a task .. he should roll to analyse .. ask the gm what he sees and what his experience tells him his chances are .. the player should make his choice to attempt the task based on the input he is then given by the gm.


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>>looking at hard numbers to crunch 
>>their odds, is not how real life
>>decision making works.
>The player is not the character. I see this extra knowledge as part of the balancing for the extreme sensory depravation that players necessarily suffer in a roleplaying game.
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