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> Marko Perala <perala at student.uef.fi>
> Subject: [Runequest] Gloranthan gazetteer ST 1625

> >The forthcoming 'Guide to Glorantha' may also offer some answers....

> If it includes anywhere anything resembling following lines: "Everyone is
> prepared for Hero wars", "Great deeds await in the future", "Conflicts are
> ready to break out" or "Who knows, what next year brings", then it is
> absolutely NOT what I'm looking for. I don't care for more vague promises
> that sometime, later on some book may be allowed to appear that could give
> some possible indication of what might happen in the future - maybe.
> What I want is for Glorantha to advance - in very non-vague manner - from
> ST 1624 to ST 1625 and beyond. If it's just more vague promises while being
> stuck in ST 1624, then I'm not buying the book. More vague promises and
> hints of what might be just breaks my heart further.

I think you might find it beneficial to have a look at
moondesignpublications.com. You'll find a number of topics where we discuss
what we are working on. Earlier, you opined about Greg being "obsessed"
with specific topics like the Lunars and Orlanthi, but just so you know,
Greg is no longer the principal writer of Gloranthan material. He has
happily decided to move over to the role of content advisor. We at Moon
Design use him as a vital source for helping us stay true to his vision of
Glorantha as we flesh in so many more of the details. As you have a look at
what we are working on you will see a number of things. We are moving the
Gloranthan timeline forward. We are not doing so with books full of
aphorisms like "the future is so bright you have to wear shades", or
"winter is coming". You'd have to go back to books published more than 5
years ago to find those sorts of things. That was when Issaries Inc,.
published Hero Wars material and before Moon Design became the licensed
publisher. If you read through our blogs, especially Jeff's, you will see
our interests vary more widely. The Guide to Glorantha is our next book and
it covers all of Glorantha. We intend to use it as the launching point for
regional supplements, and that doesn't mean just Orlanthi and Lunars.

 Emphasis should be on areas that Greg and Co. is not interested in keeping
> alive.

We write what is of interest to us and our readers. That doesn't mean we
can write on everything that is of interest right away, so we have to pick
and choose as well, but that doesn't mean we don't want to keep an area
"alive". If nothing else, I can't think of any area that used to be written
about a lot that we have decided to write less on and "let die". Once the
Guide is out this December I think we can sincerely say that we've
continued on with supporting the areas that written on in the past, and
also expanded into less detailed areas.

> A new report for every year, new characters to tell tale every ten issues
> or so. Notice that these are tales of past events, that's very important.
> point of Gloranthan gazetteer is to make Glorantha as a world go forward,
> to make that year counter start moving from ST 1624. That's the one thing
> there must be no vagueness of anykind. The gloranthan limbo must end.
> That's why everything that's in Gloranthan gazetteer should be a record of
> what has happened. The view points may change and meaning of events may
> come to question, but it should not be in question that those events have
> happened and they are stuff that has happened earlier that year. This is
> all about making history, not waiting for it to deign to show up later on.
> There, that's a magazine I'd read. That would make Glorantha a living
> world once more - regardless of what game system was being played.

There are a number of magazines currently being published that could do
this if they so chose. As for Moon Design, you will start seeing more of
this in our magazine, Wyrms Footnotes. We plan on covering more of
Glorantha as time and desire permit. As it says on our website and on one
of the first pages of the magazine, everyone is welcome to submit
articles/art. We even give some examples of the types of things we'd be
happy to publish. While we all know that we haven't moved the Hero Wars
timetable forward much, that hardly means Glorantha as a whole is in limbo.
Having published over 1000 pages of Gloranthan material in the last few
years, Glorantha is a living world. If you still doubt us, wait a few
months until the 500+ page Guide comes out.

Lastly, as always, we are happy to have writers or writing teams submit
proposals for Heroquest and/or Gloranthan projects. While not all of them
get approved, we take great joy in seeing great forthcoming projects like
the Coming Storm book that Ian Cooper and his team are working on.

Rick Meints
Moon Design Publications
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