[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 49, Issue 10

Nikk Effingham nikk.effingham at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 09:58:15 EST 2012

I have similar sentiments about alleged future publication plans of
Gloranthan material. Moreover, even if the Almighty Book of the Hero
Wars was ever published, I doubt it could ever meet expectations
generated by having a longer wait than I've been alive. Not that this
is a criticism, per se. Not my world; not my business model; not my
place to cast stones. But, as it is, I've certainly not hung around
and have long ago come up with my own 'Big Picture' arc for my group
to play through (and, indeed, we're about to head into the third year
of the campaign, and my players are about to discover why, exactly,
five different people are each claiming to be Arkat...)

But, if my advice was solicited (which it hasn't been) I'd say: let
rip and let people publish their own futures. A bit like when White
Wolf let Monte Cook do his own World of Darkness. So you could have
Billy Bob Joe's Gloranthan History, where Billy Bob Joe publishes his
set of adventures laying out what will happen. You could have someone
else doing their version etc. Set up a publication / branding system
where people are legitimately, and openly, pursuing their own
advancements of the storyline. (Actually, WoD is another good example
in other respects: their 'end of the game world' books for the old
World of Darkness offered multiple endings, not just one. This would
be like that, but on a huge scale.) I'm not sure how the spirit of
Gloranthan licensing permits that at the moment, but not only would I
permit it, I'd positively encourage it.

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