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Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Mon Oct 15 09:09:38 EST 2012

>Also, RQ6's publishers are not responsible for developing Glorantha's
>future: that rests with Moon Design Publications, where Jeff Richard, Rick
>Meints, Greg Stafford and others (myself included) look at how the world
>will develop beyond the Hero Wars. Greg has ideas about this, and I believe
>his 'Great Argrath Campaign' is being designed to answer some of these
>questions. No idea, though, when that will see publication.

That's rather discouraging. Greg has been obsessing about Sartar vs. lunars for decades, while doing nothing with rest of Glorantha. The Missing Lands-book too decades to put to print. Going all out on Argrath means they are pretty much going to abandon all those parts of Glorantha not directly involved in that war. I personally am sick and tired or orlanthis and lunaris. There's so much other stuff in Glorantha besides them.

>The forthcoming 'Guide to Glorantha' may also offer some answers. That
>book, which is stats-free, and is designed for use with any system, is
>nearing completion and aims to cover every region of Glorantha and offer a
>comprehensive overview of its history (and possibly future direction).

If it includes anywhere anything resembling following lines: "Everyone is prepared for Hero wars", "Great deeds await in the future", "Conflicts are ready to break out" or "Who knows, what next year brings", then it is absolutely NOT what I'm looking for. I don't care for more vague promises that sometime, later on some book may be allowed to appear that could give some possible indication of what might happen in the future - maybe.
What I want is for Glorantha to advance - in very non-vague manner - from ST 1624 to ST 1625 and beyond. If it's just more vague promises while being stuck in ST 1624, then I'm not buying the book. More vague promises and hints of what might be just breaks my heart further.

>> How about a magazine that describes one year in Glorantha in each number - 
>> Gloranthan gazetteer ST 1625, Gloranthan gazetteer ST 1626, Gloranthan 
>> gazetteer ST 1627, etc. How about "Merchants tales ST 1625" or "Lhankor 
>> files ST 1625", each issue giving a few pages on each area of Glorantha 
>> (Fronela, Ralios, Seshnela, Maniria, Jrustela, Kralorela, Pamaltela, 
>> Peloria, Desert, Dragon pass). Maybe some eyewitness accounts on important 
>> events combined with more general list of events. Let's get this show on 
>> the road! (disengage rant mode)
>Okay, where do I sign up? Perhaps one of the best ideas I have read in a 
>long time. 

Well, if we wanted something to happen on Gloranthan gazetteer ST 16XX, it would take following steps:

1. Take a big dose of medication against Lazyassus gigantus. Now where did I put mine...

2. Someone in the inner circle of Greg Stafford and Co. should talk to them and get some kind of permission to found a Glorantha-related magazine. Now, I understand that Sartar vs. lunars is Greg's main interest and he ain't gonna allow anyone from outside involved in it, but there's so much of Glorantha that never takes any part in the great war (Ralios, Seshnela, Pamaltela, Kralorela, Western Maniria, most of Fronela). These parts have no part in the Sartar war and are going to waste. Right now Greg and Co. are just sitting on them.
If someone else were tell tales of those areas, they would not contradict with whatever Greg and Co. are planning with the Argrath campaign.

3. A group of people (preferably people enthusiastic about Glorantha) would need to join forces to fulfill following roles:
-Chief designer (Someone, who can think of a list of events in any given area and put them into a list of calender events. Also gives out specific assignments to each writer to describe one or several related ones of aforementioned events. Basically this guy is responsible for keeping the whole timeline thing intact and running.)
-Chief editor (Someone, who can take writings of others and put them together in some coherent fashion on rectangular white spaces that resembles a magazine.)
-Editor (Someone, who understands how to make E-magazines and put them into pdf-files.)
-Network manager (Someone, who understands internet and how to set up internet site and manage it and protect it from viruses - especially if magazine is sold for money.)
-Story writers (People, who are willing to put themselves into characters of primitive, xenophobic people from a make belief universe and write their accounts on imaginary world events for all the real world to see and complain about.)
-Proof reader (to weed out "inappropriate" and "flammatory" writings and spelling errors.)
-Artist (Someone, who can draw images that are gloranthan themed and not entirely puke entising.)

Notice that same person can fulfill more than one role, maybe even several, but preferable one each to keep individual work load at minimum. Also these people are probably all over the world, so contact would have to be maintained over internet.

4. The chief designer puts together a one-year timeline for each area - preferably in co-operation and with support of Moon designs-people. That's 6 pages (Seshnela, Fronela, Ralios, Kralorela, Pamaltela, miscellanious[Jrustela, desert, east isles, whatever areas Argrath campaign is on])

5. The writers should be given areas to write upon, as well as a few seed events from the general timelines. Then they will write a story account on said event from a perspective from a gloranthan person. Emphasis should be on areas that Greg and Co. is not interested in keeping alive.
A few examples:
-A ralian spy gives his report of intrigue happening in a neighboring county.
-A sea captain tells, what happened in Pamaltela on his last visit and how he managed to get out of there with his ship and cargo.
-A loskalmi nobleman is sending a letter to capital that plies help for the latest attack of Kingdom of war on one of the borderland castles.
-A kralorelan mandarin visits one of the distant provinces and reports on what disrupted his census gathering mission.
-A donandar poet tells of the latest scandal in nearby land (troubadours and story tellers are in general great reporters of scandals, social events and deeds of heroes).
-A seshnelan nobleman sends a letter to his wife and tells, why his return from the latest crusade is delayed.
-A shaman tells a tale at the tavern of how his tribe's next camp site had been soiled by chaos monsters and how the tribe came to solve the catastrophe.
-A merchant tells his business partner about an event that causes delays to trade caravans to a distant city (merchants in general are great reporters of general events that shake society and help or hinder function of society and social relationships).
-A dwarf writes a report on recent troll activity and how it caused a delay in the Great plan.
A new report for every year, new characters to tell tale every ten issues or so. Notice that these are tales of past events, that's very important. NO PREDICTIONS, PROPHESIES, OMENS OR INTENDED PLANS OF ANY KIND. The whole point of Gloranthan gazetteer is to make Glorantha as a world go forward, to make that year counter start moving from ST 1624. That's the one thing there must be no vagueness of anykind. The gloranthan limbo must end. That's why everything that's in Gloranthan gazetteer should be a record of what has happened. The view points may change and meaning of events may come to question, but it should not be in question that those events have happened and they are stuff that has happened earlier that year. This is all about making history, not waiting for it to deign to show up later on.

6. The chief editor takes timeline pages and puts them together with story pages. That's 3 pages worth of 1-3 page stories per area, plus timeline page, altogether some 24-40 pages.

7. Artist puts some pictures together relating to stories.

8. Editor puts pictures and stories together into pdf-file.

9. Pdf is printed into magazine or distributed electronically. Money may or may not exchange hands. Gloranthan gazetteer ST 1625 is done.

10. Repeat steps 4-9. Each time add +1 to year (1626, 1627 etc.), until we get ST 1699. That's 75 issues, maybe 2 or 4 issues per year in our world. That should keep everyone busy for the next 19-37 years in real world. After ST 1699 some other magazine should be created to cover years 1700-17XX.

There, that's a magazine I'd read. That would make Glorantha a living world once more - regardless of what game system was being played.

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