[Runequest] Alternatives to POW sacrifice for magic item creation and other Glorantha stuff

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Sun Oct 14 04:53:56 EST 2012

> That's all I've read about Glorantha past ST 1624 that wasn't all about
> Red emperor vs. Argrath. One would think that after some quarter of century
> someone, somewhere had a little more to say on the subject. I really hope
> this gets corrected in RQ6.

Just to clarify: RQ6 is independent of Glorantha. We will be producing some
Gloranthan supplements in the future but have clear plans to base our
material alongside existing canon, which is around the 1600s.

Also, RQ6's publishers are not responsible for developing Glorantha's
future: that rests with Moon Design Publications, where Jeff Richard, Rick
Meints, Greg Stafford and others (myself included) look at how the world
will develop beyond the Hero Wars. Greg has ideas about this, and I believe
his 'Great Argrath Campaign' is being designed to answer some of these
questions. No idea, though, when that will see publication.

The forthcoming 'Guide to Glorantha' may also offer some answers. That
book, which is stats-free, and is designed for use with any system, is
nearing completion and aims to cover every region of Glorantha and offer a
comprehensive overview of its history (and possibly future direction).

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