[Runequest] Alternatives to POW sacrifice for magic item creation

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Sat Oct 13 16:28:34 EST 2012

> The magic activation involves very minor previous quests to obtain the
> right materials, which are as bountiful as the GM allows. These quests
> can involve something as simple as making a Notice (or whatever the term
> is in Swordbearer) roll to see that the flowers you need are growing by
> the side of the road.

The skill in question is Identify. There is one for each element, which
basically means that trained magic users can recognise that a particular
flower (to use the example) is actually so magical that contains pure
essence of the wood node.

Oh, and not only is there no saving throws for any of the spells, there's
no range limit either. If you can see it, you can cast magic on it. Which
can be particularly nasty if you cast a 3-node "Choke" spell from the
water element. Basically it fills the target's lungs with water.

This is possibly getting a little off-topic, and it's my fault for
bringing it up... but they did have an alternative to POW sacrifice, of a

If anyone's interested I host a very, very, very low volume Swordbearer
list as well :)


All the best, Lev

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