[Runequest] Alternatives to POW sacrifice for magic item creation

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Yes, that would be necromancy, I suppose. The thought did cross my mind. I
wouldn't allow it...not for PCs. That's not my kind of campaign.

But it should be possible to work out rules. I worked out a kludge a while
back that allowed the equivalent of necromancy in Glorantha using standard
rules...made it the basis of a big adventure. Nasty, but interesting.

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> > Actually, that reminds me of another point I've been pondering lately:
> the
> > use of alternate power sources for enchantments.
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> > What do you think, sirs?
> Maybe it's not politically correct, but I think human sacrifices (babies
> and
> virgins being worth 'more') would be a more "logical" source of power for
> sorcery. Look at all the stories about sorcerers in RW lore or in S&S
> fiction. The supplement _Carcosa_ for LotFP is a good source for this kind
> of
> magic.
> G.
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