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An excellent point! It also brings up the issue of the differences between
the RuneQuest *system*, and the setting-bias that the system has towards
the world of Glorantha. A world in which inanimate objects such as rings
and tables can be animated and turned into familiars would be very
different from a world in which only living creatures can be! The implied
power levels are quite different, too.

Although the integration of Glorantha with early iterations of the
RuneQuest system gave RQ a unique quality, that setting also *hampered*
future iterations of the system by forcing them into Gloranthan-specific
concepts - particularly of magic. The simplicity of the RQ system allows a
huge variety of possible magic systems to be used, suitable for a
staggering range of different settings and concepts...but I suspect that
most RQ games still tend to use the same old spirit magic and divine magic.
Yes, there are alternate systems out there (I've even written a couple),
but it would be nice to see a large-scale project to create and collect
many more working alternate magic systems for the RQ family of games.

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> **
> I must admit I was never comfortable with the idea of sentient creatures
> being made into familiars. Not sure why entirely I but I felt that making a
> creature ' whole '  in stats terms didn't automatically mean you could
> command it. Any sentient ie free willed creature would surely need some
> kind of Dominate spell cast on it permanently. Now, Fixed INT creatures I
> didn't have a problem with, and I could even go with the idea of a creature
> that you had ' uplifted' from Fixed to Free INT being at your beck and
> call. But a previously Free INT creature....it just didn't *feel* right.
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