[Runequest] Non-human undead (ghouls, zombies, mummies)

Vile Traveller viletraveller at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 12:34:36 EST 2012

Ghoul is even more problematic, because it doesn't have multipliers at all.
Are those just flat values to be used on any species? There are non-human
ghouls. I found dark troll ghoul from Dorastor-book and Halcyon's ghoul
pterodactyl-familiar from Griffin island-book. The latter didn't fit the
existing template (STR 3 while ghoul minimum is 4 on 4d6). So, is ghouls's
STR (normal+d6) or (normal*4/3) and so on?


These days, in fact, I go back to the source for ghouls and treat them as a
unique creature, not undead at all. I guess D&D first popularised them as
undead, but I think they fit much better into any fantasy universe by just
going with the original Arabic copse-eating hyena-like monster.

Not canon, I know, but YGMV and all that.

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