[Runequest] Non-human undead (ghouls, zombies, mummies)

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Wed Oct 10 01:45:44 EST 2012

RQ3 question:
How do you define the characteristics of a ghoul, zombie or mummy that has been made using a corpse of some other species than a human? With zombie its STR, CON and INT are clear, same with mummy's STR, CON and INT. POW is always 0, SIZ is always the base creature's and with ghoul INT comes from ghoul-spirit. However that leaves all the ghoul's non-SIZ and non-INT characteristics, and DEX and APP of zombies and mummies. How are those defined? Should they be handled with similar multiplier's as with STR and CON based on same ratio it is with human zombies (2/3 DEX, 1/6 APP), or are those flat values to be used regardless of species' original values (2d6 DEX and d6 APP for all or is that 2/3 DEX and 1/3 APP of original species)?

Ghoul is even more problematic, because it doesn't have multipliers at all. Are those just flat values to be used on any species? There are non-human ghouls. I found dark troll ghoul from Dorastor-book and Halcyon's ghoul pterodactyl-familiar from Griffin island-book. The latter didn't fit the existing template (STR 3 while ghoul minimum is 4 on 4d6). So, is ghouls's STR (normal+d6) or (normal*4/3) and so on?

So how to handle undead of non-human species (we haven't even touched vampires yet)?

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