[Runequest] Big explosions

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Sun Nov 11 15:47:46 EST 2012

I have given some more thought to the calculating effects of explosions since my last message and have come up with a simplified formula.
How about this: The increment is changed to radius of area of primary effect. The damage of explosion is full upto the first increment, then the amount of d6:s is halved after each increment, but the range is doubled. Round damage dice down. Damage goes to general hit points and thinnest location armor protects.
That should give a simple progression that is more realistic than the old one without making it too complicated.

Example: hand grenade, damage 4d6, 4 meter increment. The grenade causes 4d6 damage upto 4 meters distance, 2d6 damage upto 8 meters distance, 1d6 damage upto 16 meters distance. This gives 16 meter radius, same as with old way.

Second example: 75 mm cannon, damage 10d6, 2 meter increment. Causes 10d6 upto 2 meters, 5d6 upto 4 meters, 2d6 upto 8 meters and 1d6 upto 16 meters. A bit less range for a cannon hit as in old system (20 meter radius), but lethal radius is much more realistic (4 meters out of 16 vs. 12 meters out of 20).

This new formula should allow better to handle explosions in a realistic manner, although the downside is that this makes the radius of each explosion appear in doubles of increment. This could become odd with explosions that have wide areas. I haven't found a solution to that one.

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