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> An RQ3 problem:
> I find current rules for explosions to be unrealistic and unscalable.
> Basic idea with RQ3 explosions comes mostly from dwarf bowling ball and
> Call of Cthulhu.

Honestly, I can't say that I have a lot of explosions in RQ3, now that I
think about it.  Even the classic 'fireball' spell from D&D - which one of
my players has developed - isn't an explosion per se, just a burst of flame
without the pressure wave.

Here's what I've done with explosions, no idea how close this is to canon:
Explosions are rated for explosion and shrapnel, both for d6's, treated
separately but simultaneous.
Explosion: Xd6 in the detonation hex (1m), (0.5*X)d6 for each 2 hexes away,
rounding up each time.  Double-digit-d6 explosions affect a 7-hex area
initially, instead of just a single hex.  Triple would presumably affect 13
hexes initially, etc. but I can't say we've ever had one.  This is blast
Roll blast damage for the character based on distance - if the character is
behind cover that can resist the blast, count every lateral hex as 3 hexes
of distance to determine blast damage.  Check this against character's SIZ
to determine special or critical success (for the blast).  Fumble means the
character happened to get behind cover or fall prone before the blast.
Blast damage is treated as a BLUNT attack for resistance purposes. If the
blast damage "succeeds", character is knocked back 1m for every multiple of
their SIZ it is. (Special: knockback is vs 1/2 SIZ, Crit: knockback is vs
1/4 SIZ)   Hitting any obstacle during knockback is as usual.
Damage is applied directly to body hp ignoring physical armor, and then
also divided evenly across locations according to HP proportions - (Human
1/10 to head, each arm, abd; 2/10 to chest, each leg).  Armor protects vs
the per-location damage.
Magical protections can mean a target is entirely protected from harm from
the blast, but they will suffer knockback as usual.
Prone characters have 2x their effective SIZ for all calculations.

Shrapnel - Xd6 in the detonation hex (1m), (X-1)d6 for each 1 hex away.  #
of dice hitting the character is also the number of locations attacked with
the shrapnel, attack % is (# of dice*10).  Prone characters lower the
success-level of the shrapnel attacks by one degree.

DM may rule that due to extremely unfriendly location - on a flat stone
plaza, a bare cement room, etc. that "prone" offers no benefit vs shrapnel.
 It always offers benefit vs blast.
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