[Runequest] [Fwd: RQIII Magical Trap / Spell Mix]

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Thu May 31 06:15:36 EST 2012

> 1.      Holdfast - Powerful holdfast is cast to keep the victim in place.
> 2.      Once held fast - a binding enchantment is enacted to bind victim
> to plinth.
> 3.      Form set flesh - House rule here but the idea was to bind victims
> spirit and then literally turn them into an amber statue. Another option
> would be a spell based on the petrifying gaze of a gorgon.
> 4.      Immortality or Youth - An extra option to keep the victim young
> and prolong their suffering.

Would 4 really be required after 3? After all, once they're stone, they're
not going to age like flesh-and-blood.

All the best, Lev

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