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Recently I had my party discover a sorceress in a pillar of semi liquid
amber in an ancient ruin. The sorceress appeared to be alive and after a
bit of playing they rescued her. The concept was inspired by the old
Greyhawk Mika Trilogy books by Rose Estes - where the main character gets
stuck in a similar device for decades. But then I got to thinking how
would this work rules wise. So I came up with this bit of designers fiat -
maybe someone else will find it useful:

Note: The trap would have to have some sort of powerful matrix built into
it or to draw from. In my game the matrix was actually a statue and the
appearance was that it was hiding something under it. By moving the statue
and getting onto its plinth, the trap was activated.

1.      Holdfast - Powerful holdfast is cast to keep the victim in place.
2.      Once held fast - a binding enchantment is enacted to bind victim
to plinth.
3.      Form set flesh - House rule here but the idea was to bind victims
spirit and then literally turn them into an amber statue. Another option
would be a spell based on the petrifying gaze of a gorgon.
4.      Immortality or Youth - An extra option to keep the victim young
and prolong their suffering.

Then per the pillar or amber idea, what I thought is have the sorceress
cast a skin of life - possibly as a mistake fearing some other spell - and
this reacts with the petrifaction thus rather creating a shelled cocoon
with liquid/gel interior.

I probably used a bit of poetic license, but the result worked. Only
problem is thee party now has a 1000 year old sorceress who doesn't speak
any known language in tow.


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