[Runequest] Where is RQ Now

rdesai at chartermi.net rdesai at chartermi.net
Fri May 11 02:15:42 EST 2012

You may want to check here: http://www.thedesignmechanism.com

The next rev of RQ is due out later this year.


On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Tony Den wrote:

> So Mongoose cancelled RuneQuestII (renamed it legend or Wayfarer or
> something). Old news. I see there is a new mega size Pavis book out 
> from
> Issaries? But that's for HeroQuest (thought that system was dead?).
> who is publishing RuneQuest and has anything come out? I have seen 
> little
> further news. Man the cannon is becoming confusing, then again on the
> other side you have D&D vs Pathfinder which is an older version of D&D 
> and
> I believe even Hackmaster is pretty much AD&D 1st ed?
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