[Runequest] RQ3 and gladiator games

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In more a general sense I've seen the net handled as a ranged grapple of
sorts, where the successful attack will immobilize the target hit location
as if held by a grapple attack. For parries it could also be used to simply
disarm the opponent if they don't make a roll to maintain their grip. 


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Hi, All,
   I have a question, but first some background:
   Kids, Roman history, and RQ3 come together in my house as I teach RQ3
rules to my kids by having them take gladiator characters against each
other in the arena.  We'd been playing some D&D, but I'm trying to
teach my kids RQ3 without costing them characters they care about.
   There was some talk about how the rules would apply to gladiators with
nets.  I treated the net as an attack or parry (as the situation
arises) to entangle the opponent's weapon.  Does this sound reasonable?
 Or, do you have a better suggestion?
   Responses are warmly welcome.
Asher Royce

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