[Runequest] Skill Categories (was Re: Slightly OT: Ringworld?)

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Id be interested  to see your skill rules as well.


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>> Or maybe it's not either/or?  Perhaps one HAS to advance to 75% (frex) in
>>> a
>>> general category like First Aid, and then specify to advance further in
>>> poison treatment or trauma care.  Maybe they have to specify even further
>>> to get past 100?  So perhaps 'melee weapon' to 50, 1h weapon to 75, 1h
>>> sword to 100, and scimitar 150?
>>Heh, I developed an almost identical model once, which had variant
>>starting values for skill categories (high base levels for physical
>>skills, low base levels for knowledges), then a series of capped levels
>>for very broad "Basic Skills", then more specialised "Expert skills", even
>>more specialisted "Advanced skills" etc. Worked quite well. The simpler
>>skills were easier to learn.
>You don't happen to have this in any sort of user-friendly format perhaps?  Would very much like to see it.
>On a tangential note, I recall seeing a rules-like document that someone had put together about character backgrounds, writing them almost as a game in itself, where the players were rewarded for the connections they made to each other, and scenario hooks they built into their background like siblings, parents, etc.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  IIRC they even gave a mechanics example and it was a sort of norse/barbarian set of names, etc.
>I'm almost certain that i saved this somewhere, but I'm going to guess I'm not the only one whose "RQ Resources" folder is full of hundreds if not thousands of documents not-always-rigorously-named....
>If anyone can even give me a useful reference to google for, I'd much appreciate it.  THANKS!
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